Lindsey Gates-Markel was born in Illinois in 1983 and grew up on a corn and soybean farm, reading in the sunny grass. 

She has done graduate fiction work at the University of Iowa and earned her MFA from Lesley University in 2012. She is also an actor and member of the Celebration Company at the Station Theatre, where she recently* played Hamlet. 


*in 2012, but you'd milk it, too

ALPHABETIZED LIST OF INTERESTS, IN THE SPIRIT OF LIVEJOURNAL:  60s pop songs, Anne Lamott's conversion, armpit hair, babies, big hair, bobby pins, bonfires, brunch in the sunshine, cheeseburgers, cold cans of coconut water, cold cans of Tecate, cold glasses of root beer, embroidery-thread friendship bracelets, gold rings, hair bows, Homer's "wine-dark sea," hugging upon introduction, Joan Didion, liquid eyeliner, our crowded bed, Peter Pan collars, Pilot's Varsity Fountain Pen in blue always, public libraries, my husband, short stories, summer above all, Syddo the Kiddo #1, strong coffee in a cafe mug, tent camping, tights, to-do lists, too-hot baths, vegetable gardening, watching TV online, words, words, words