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Thom Schnarre interviews Jason Pankoke about the New Art Film Festival on Smile Politely today. I'm in the short film The Light with my friend Mike Trippiedi, and Larry did the music for the (musical!) episode of Up the Creek, which closes the festival on Sunday night. (Larry also scored The Light... and appeared in the Elsinore video The Art of Pulling... so basically it's the New Larry Gates Film Festival.)

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike continues at the Station - sold out tonight, with limited seats available tomorrow and Saturday. Had a read-through for another short film project earlier in the week. About to help select the Station's summer season. Ebertfest is coming. You Big Dumb Idiot gets back in the studio next week, and Andrew and I got some HELLA EXCITING news recently. This city is cool.

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My story NUMBER-ONE EARTHLY REASON is up at Sundog Lit's Kissing Booth today, in support of my booboo, my secret-keeper, my IRL BFF Leesa Cross-Smith and Every Kiss a War, her book of short stories that'll be released in just a few weeks. I mean, the other story that went up today was by KATHY FREAKING FISH, so I guess that's real life.

Number-One Earthly Reason is a story that used to be two stories until I realized they were told by the same girl, underage and suspicious in a neighborhood dive bar. It used to be titled Dancing Girls Emoji. It is still titled Dancing Girls Emoji in my heart.

Oh, and you should totally come to Mike n Molly's tomorrow! Dude, Stories and Beer readings at MnMs are so fun. We'll be upstairs in the gross weird space that looks like some teenage flophouse. There will be beer. 5pm.

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VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE opens Thursday and runs for three weeks. I play Nina. I get to boop Gary Ambler with a fairy wand. Here is an interview in which the cast is unbearably cute.

☼ I've been meditating every morning using... an app? And it is changing my brain and my heart and my life? And it's the closest thing to prayer that I've touched in years (besides grateful dinner prayers every night which I love but which are also more reminders of how lucky we are as a family and less a deep evolutionary communion with some higher consciousness)? YES?

☼ I'm reading this Saturday at Mike n Molly's at 5:00 p.m. alongside poet Steve Davenport and three writers from Butler University, Thomas Luckie, Mallory Matyk, and Matthew Jaker. I have no idea what I'm gonna read yet. It might be raunchy. Here is a poem Steve wrote that I love:

Last Night My Bed a Boat of Whiskey Going Down

My course last night no different: nailed to the bedroom
window frame a fitted sheet straining like a sail,
collapsing like a lung. Rise and fall, rise and fall
of another night the same: my head a hammer
in the hold, a scribbling fist in the captain’s log.
All this it seemed the same: the reluctant bachelor
and his bed a boat of whiskey tacking starboard
into the drink drank drunk he think thank thunk. And sunk.
This morning life’s no ocean and this bed’s not mired
in the drink of another low tide. I’ve neither
drifted from the mainstream nor washed ashore, flotsam
and jetsam like wrappers and butts. On the table
across the room a drum. Against the wall the books
are stacked like stacked books. Above the dresser a clock.

☼ Speaking of raunchy, tomorrow my story NUMBER ONE EARTHLY REASON will go up at Sundog Lit's THE KISSING BOOTH, in support of LC's Every Kiss a War, capping off two weeks of beautiful, beautiful work by female writers including Kima Jones, Ashley Farmer, Jill Talbot, Teri Vlassopoulos, Samantha Garner, Amanda Miska, AH! The list goes on. And my story will go up alongside one by Kathy Fish (whuuuuuuu).